Baby Girl Nursery

Two years after moving in, we welcomed our sweet baby girl Zoey. A new baby meant a new nursery in what would’ve been an otherwise empty room. I started off with scanning through Houzz and my favorite Instagram designers profiles. One thing I knew I wanted in her room were large shadow boxes. So Vitalik measured and marked and went to a local millwork store to pick up some standard trim. Cutting and nailing took him under two hours. Caulking and painting took me about 4. I’m not as quick as he is. I painted the trim and walls all one color (Sherwin Williams Shoji White). I knew I wanted some mauve pink in the room but didn’t want to overwhelm the space with too much pink. Mauve accents and artwork did the trick. Girly but not overwhelming. The next step was finding a canopy like one I saw off a random photo. It evaded me, thus I ventured into the dark and scary world of eBay and ordered a luxuriously long, mauve canopy. Annnnd like many things off Ebay it came looking NOTHING like the photo listed for sale. About 2 feet too short and a bright bubblegum color! But my disappointment quickly disappeared as the teardrop shaped chandelier rolled onto our driveway. Few things evoke so many emotions from me as a light fixture in a box does. My husband has learned to just roll with it. The light was perfect tying the whole room together, being elegant and just the right size.

Now my favorite part in sweet Zoey’s room was (and still is) the curtains. My mom is an expert seamstress. (She sewed my wedding dress entirely from scratch and it was divine.) So when I found some nice, thick curtains from a local HomeGoods, I took them straight to mama’s house.  They were 96″ in length, a bit too short. I love it when they pool a bit at the bottom. So my mom and I lengthened the curtains and added pleats up to the top to give it a bit more oomph. The curtains still carried a girly, fun print but had a sophisticated body. Call me sentimental, (I definitely am,) but working together with my mom on my baby girls room still makes me feel all warm and happy inside.

So there’s that! The other furniture pieces were from all over the internet and even craigslist. Putting it all together was a snap and voila! Baby girls room was all ready for her arrival.

Now ask me how many nights she’s slept in her beautiful room?

Yup, none.

That room was basically for me to pour out my creative juices. She could care squat.


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