Happy almost SPRING!

We are finally experiencing Spring-like weather which is giving me an extra bounce in my step!
Today I will be sharing the KITCHEN project!
When we built our home a couple of years back, white kitchens were all the rage. I know the white trend is still going strong, but today, people are starting to experiment more with other colors, such as black, forest green, and greige to name a few.
To be honest I still love this kitchen, although I am excited to try something new and polar opposite in the next projects. More on that later.

I wish I could link this backsplash from the Tile Collection however my brother in law was the one who got it and I believe it’s no longer in stock. You can order similar backsplash from Lowes. I will link it at the bottom of the post. 

I was worried that the gray honeycomb would clash with the warm tones of the granite but it turned out perfect! The gray tones pulled together the white cabinets perfectly with the warmer granite.
The granite is white delicatus. Unashamedly, I chose it for the sparkle.

The cabinets are a standard white shaker, 48″ in height. Tip: When buying cabinets, try to buy those whose color was baked after being painted rather than just painted cabinets. The baking prevents chipping and peeling in the long run! 

Hardware. I liked the unconventional sparkly knobs paired with the more modern chrome handles.


Appliances are Kitchen Aid apart from the GE cafe series Refrigerator. 

My favorite part of the kitchen is definitely the pot rack. I bought these from Ikea but you can order a similar one from Amazon that I linked below if you don’t have an Ikea near you. The copper pots were a lucky find from our trip to France. I would encourage scouring your thrift stores on the daily to build up your collection if you can’t make it out to a parisian flea market.


That’s pretty much it for the kitchen!Thank you so much for stopping by and following along our journey! Be sure to sign up for more blog posts and emails!

Much love,