It’s time for our very first One Room Challenge makeover!

If this is your first time here, then HELLO! My name is Inna and my husband and I, enjoy building and renovating in addition to our jobs and babies. We recently sold our first, self-build home and bought a ’67 fixer that has been uninhabited for 15 years, say for a few raccoon families.

Yes, it’s a major renovation, but what else can kick our butts into high gear than the One Room Challenge?!

We will be tackling the master suite which includes the bedroom and bathroom.

Crazy? Yes, I know.

Let’s start with the bedroom.

The look I will be going for will be a black and white modern Parisian with a colorful twist. I have been in love with the Haussmann era design ever since our trip to Paris a few years ago and knew I wanted to incorporate that look in our home.

In the bedroom, we will be installing extensive molding and trim work, decorative inlays, black modern fixtures, both modern and traditional furniture, as well as brass hardware. We will tie the adjoining bathroom together with blue and white chinoiserie like curtains.

Currently, we have the ceilings stripped down and wiring loosed.

In the coming few weeks our to-do list includes:

  • Rewire electrical and add can lights
  • Close in the ceilings
  • Install new windows
  • Install wall panels
  • Install decorative onlays
  • Sand down and restain floors
  • Prime and paint walls in two different colors
  • Redesign and repaint doors
  • Design and install window treatments
  • Install light fixtures

On to the connected bathroom.

It’s a mess, but at least it’s small.

I have always loved the blue and white chinoiserie wallpaper combined brass fixtures complementing the colors. The brass and wallpaper in the bathroom will tie in with the curtains and hardware in the bedroom, allowing the space to flow well together.

While I am on the hunt for the perfect wallpaper that is in my budget, I have already purchased finishings such as the brass shower faucet, sink faucet, and marble tile. The plan is to try to tie in the original hexagon floors with the marble.

At the moment, the ceiling’s are stripped, while the shower, only halfway gutted, is barely hanging on.

In the coming few weeks, our to-do list includes:

  • Finish gutting the whole space
  • Rework the plumbing to allow an open shower
  • Install a shower pan
  • Lay tile and marble on shower floor and walls
  • Install new window
  • Install new vanity
  • Apply wallpaper
  • Install shower door
  • Install faucets
  • Install light fixture
  • Change out old toilet
  • Create and install window treatments

That’s about it for the Master Suite! I’m praying we finish in 6 weeks and have beautiful results to share with you!

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