If this is your first time here, then HELLO! My name is Inna and along with my husband, we enjoy building and renovating in addition to our jobs and babies. We recently sold our first, self-build home and bought a ’67 fixer that has been uninhabited for 15 years, say for a few raccoon families.

The week has come and gone! The room is finally starting to pick up speed but I’m afraid it started too late. I’m definitely low key panicking over here! I am happy with what we accomplished this week however.

What we have accomplished in the bathroom so far:

  • Shower pan completed
  • Tile work almost 60% done
  • Stripped old wallpaper
  • Painted ceiling
  • Scheduled appointment with glass shower rep.
  • Began trim and crown work
  • Ordered vanity
  • Installed toilet

In case you forgot how it looked like in the past few weeks:

Okay, now here’s a list of what I hope to accomplish this week:

  • Install wallpaper
  • Install light fixtures
  • Install toilet
  • Install vanity
  • Make shelves (DIY POST COMING SOON)
  • Order medicine cabinet/ mirror
  • Begin installing crown
  • Begin painting crown and door

And now on to the bedroom and what we have accomplished so far:

  • Completed trim install on doors
  • Completed panel trim
  • 75% complete with crown install
  • Began painting doors and walls
  • Installed final inlays
  • Ordered ceiling trim
  • Bought curtain rods

In case you forgot what our bedroom looked before we started:

And now what I hope to accomplish this week:

  • Complete crown installation
  • Choose a floor stain
  • Complete painting entire room and doors
  • Order dresser and night stands
  • Install curtain rods
  • Begin floor re-sanding
  • Install ceiling trim

Thank you for following along! I can’t wait to finish these two spaces!

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