Ahhh the kitchen.

My husband wants to work with one specific cabinet supplier because of the quality of the cabinets. Real wood, soft close, in a reasonable price range, full extension pull out, and a few more quirks. That only leaves me with a limited number of options and colors. But in a way it makes it easier on me since I am limited to only so many options which means easier to choose!

I will be using the same type of hood and metal, namely brass, in both options.

Option 1:
Photo seen here

Greige cabinet color, brass detailing, square hood, and quartz calcutta countertops are the inspiration from this photo

Photo seen on @kitchendesignnetwork

The floors, sconces, subway tile, and open shelving by the hood is what’s driving the inspiration for option 1.

Style of the cabinets will be transitional and full overlay.

Option 2:

Photo Credit

The black cabinets, brass hardware, glass cabinets, and calcutta slab backsplash all serve as inspiration to option 2.

I am hoping to do something different with the flooring, looking a little like the rendering below.

Black Toro tile with a Penny Mosaic border

Style of the cabinets in option 2 will be shaker and full overlay.

At least I am down to two options. How I will decide, I have no idea but wish me luck and please comment on which one was your fave!

Thank you for following along!

Xoxo, Inna