6 Things I Learned From Our Renovations

We take risks. Just yesterday my husband bought a garbage truck to flip.

A garbage truck.


We also decided to build our first home without a GC or an inkling of house building experience. It was also a home we had to close up 900 sq ft of open space upstairs in order to sell; which took about 6 months after purchase of house 2 on which I will elaborate next.

We bought an abandoned home with foundation issues and racoon poop; along with some acreage which we hope to subdivide and build on. (Because market crashes never happen anymore.) input sarcasm

We are now knee deep in gutting and renovating our former racoon hotel and currently don’t have floors.

So yeah we take risks but there were always a few things that kept my meltdowns to a minimum. (One every two weeks is good right?)

Sooo in an effort to encourage others who are in throes of renovating, building, or any other risky venture, here are a few things I have learned specifically from our house building and gut processes:

  • Learn how my brain operates When do I feel most stressed? What are my trigger points? I found there were things I did deliberately that later caused a meltdown. Once I learned how my brain handled stress, I was able to eliminate those practices and handle my stress better. For example, I found that when possible, I needed to throw “self-made” deadlines out the window. I recently had all these deadlines in my head ranging from publishing blog posts to the drywall install date; but when they weren’t met, cue meltdown. Unless you have a client, self-made deadlines can be crippling depending on how your brain operates. Some thrive with deadlines, others like myself, get overwhelmed and stressed. I’ve learned to go with the flow because there are some things completely out of my control.
  • Trust my husband!
    Our two house projects showed me that letting my husband take over the dirty allowed me to do better at the pretty. He’s the brains and I’m the creative. He always goes the extra mile while I push to make it go faster. He’s calculative and I’m impulsive. It’s a good balance but to make it work; I have to step back and let him do what he does best. When we both do our parts and trust one another, our stress is at a low, our relationship thrives, and stuff is getting done!
  • Do my nails; i.e. take care of myself.
    This might sound silly, but months of chipped nails made me feel just as rusty as our old fixer. Painting them made me feel like a new woman, even when they only lasted for a few days. Taking care of myself made all the difference to how I felt day in and day out.
  • Smile more!
    In the midst of uncovering a moldy foundation, I realized it could’ve been worse and that caused me to smile! My husband and I were able to quickly find a solution and stay relaxed through it all. It’s amazing what a simple, intentional smile can do. Your spirits lift, those around you are happier and you learn to laugh at the situation and count your blessings.
  • Its okay to cry!
    I know, a juxtaposition from the point above. However, I learned that if I’m feeling overwhelmed or just dang tired, it’s okay to cry! Cry a bit, eat some ice-cream then wipe your tears and count your blessings!
  • Trust in the Lord.
    I hold onto my faith, or shall I say my God holds onto me, with an everlasting grip. I learned that giving it up to the one who cares filled me with an unexplainable peace. I learned that the majority of my stress came from the overwhelming feeling of “will this ever get done?” But I believe that if my God provided this home for us, then he will provide a way to finish it. No matter the risk we took or situation we found ourselves in, he always led us into it and through it. Whether it’s the manpower, time, or finances getting in the way, he will have the resources to take care of it all. And when the floors were caving in and the house sale didn’t go through at first, my mind would come to rest in him, because:

Isaiah 26.3 says ” You keep him in perfect peace
    whose mind is stayed on you,
    because he trusts in you.”

So there we have it! The 6 things I have learned whilst risking it all and building, selling, and renovating an abandoned home! Oh and buying a garbage truck and figuring out whatever the heck we are going to do with our lives!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope it was at least a little encouraging for those of you who are feeling overwhelmed! Please comment below on which point you have seen work for you! And please share if you found it a helpful read!



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