Dining Room Renovation – Phase 1

Oh fixer, how I am beginning to love thee.

No, but I am falling in love with our old house, especially now that I see glimpses of light at the end of the tunnel. This week should be drywall week (fingers crossed!) Once the drywall installs, I can start painting, installing trim, and all the likes! For this reason, I am scurrying to finish the design boards for each room.

And now to the dining room...

How we started:

So far, we have ripped out the carpet, opened up the doorway, and changed out the windows. We have yet to patch up drywall, refinish the floors, add trim to walls and ceilings, paint, install the light fixture, hang up the mirrors, and style with furniture and art!

Main Inspiration Photo:

Using this photo for inspiration, I am excited to incorporate blue/gray walls with a gold trumeau mirror, intricate trim on the ceilings, and my favorite gold-framed painting from Austria. A warm gray, circular table and light floors will offset elegantly with a modern light and acrylic chairs.

One little tip, I am excited to incorporate is one I saw in multiple rooms in France and Instagram HERE; painting the walls up onto the ceiling, past the crown moldings, and only stopping where the ceiling trim starts. This gives an illusion that the walls are much taller than they are in reality! After all, 50% of design is an illusion! And in this home, we desperately need all the illusions to move your eyes away from the low ceilings and lack of natural light!

So far, the only item in question will be the rug. Should I do a black and white art deco or a vintage Persian pattern?

Mood Board: (Including what I have already)

I have high hopes that this room will finish up within a month. In the meantime, stay tuned for tutorials on installing the ceiling decals and trim along with other DIYs! And if you see something you want to purchase, simply click on the links in italics below!

Light Fixture: Click HERE

Ceiling Medallion: Click HERE

Ceiling Decals: Click HERE and HERE

Black and White Rug: Click HERE

Thank you soo much for stopping by! I appreciate every single one of you! Drop a comment below on which element is your favorite!