It’s One Room Challenge week, and I am SO excited to transform this laundry room space as well as meet new accounts!

Please note, the inspiration photo is by Dina Bandman Interiors. Click HERE for her site.

The main thing I am craving for this space is FUNCTION and beauty. I want – no need- a functional laundry room for the whole family. A door to head out into the sunroom for the kids, a doggy shower for our huge dog, and a ton of counter space with storage.

What we have to work with, however, is nowhere near a functional, beautiful space.

As you can see, it is anywhere from functional. Now to transform this space, we will need to tackle a substantial to-do list.

Our to-do list includes:

  1. Install a new door opening into the back porch
  2. Install new door
  3. Convert the old handicap shower into a doggy shower
  4. Remove toilet and old plumbing
  5. Replace broken window
  6. Install new cabinets
  7. Install quartz countertops
  8. Install wallpaper
  9. Install new floor tile

So far we have:

  1. Torn out old shower
  2. Torn out old toilet
  3. Converted shower area into doggy shower area
  4. Tiled floors and shower

We still have a ways to go, but with these vital things done, I can see us finishing on time.

One specific part I am most excited about in this project is the wallpaper from Milton and King.

I was debating between three different options.

  1. Felicity
  2. Shibori Birds
  3. Kandos

All three were so beautiful, and I genuinely had a difficult time choosing. The colors were perfect! After the new tile was installed, I was able to put the three options against the tile and landed on Felicity.


Thank you for following along as we transform this space!

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