FALL ORC – Week 2

If this is your first time here, then HELLO! My name is Inna, like hyena. My husband and I enjoy building and renovating, in addition to our jobs and babies. We recently sold our first, self-built home and bought a ’67 fixer that has been uninhabited for 15 years, say for a few raccoon families.

If you wish to see some finished renovations, click HERE.

The laundry room is taking shape, and I am SO excited. The finished tiling teethers on 90%, appliances are slowly making their way into the space, and the wallpaper has arrived! On another note, we are trying our best to move in this week. Which means I have been very behind on ordering several things for this space. Should I panic?

What has been accomplished in the space so far:

  • Side door installed
  • Shower has been tiled
  • Floor tile work 90% done
  • Cabinets assembled (save for one)
  • Wallpaper received

Now in case you forgot what the space looked like before:

What we hope to accomplish this week:

  • Install wallpaper
  • Install cabinets
  • Measure out countertops
  • Order shoe storage unit
  • Install appliances
  • Order door hardware
  • Order sink

If I can scratch off at least 3 to-do’s then I consider myself lucky.

Thanks so much for following along!

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