Laundry Room Reveal – FALL ORC

If this is your first time here, then HELLO! My name is Inna, like hyena. My husband and I enjoy building and renovating, in addition to our jobs and babies. We recently sold our first, self-built home and bought a ’67 fixer that has been uninhabited for 15 years, say for a few raccoon families.

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The One Room Challenge is officially over, and oh, what a challenge it’s been. For those of you unfamiliar with the ORC, it’s a six-week event, where designers, both featured and guest, support one another in completing their renovations in six weeks! It’s a great way to finish your home projects and gain new friends along the way!

And now onto our renovation.

We decided to transform the moldy, carpeted bathroom into a practically beautiful laundry room/dog shower. This particular renovation was very extensive; however, it was not nearly as stressful as others have been. (Maybe on account of the fact that we had a nightmare remodeling the rest of the house, but I digress.) We tore out everything; the old handicap shower, the dividing wall, the floors, the cabinets, and the toilet. We added a new window and added a door opening that went into the sunroom.

Now before I get lost in what we have accomplished, here are some photos of the before:

Instead of keeping it as a bathroom or one big laundry room, I decided to make it two-fold. We converted the handicap shower into a doggie shower and created a laundry area in place of the toilet and sink. It’s the perfect landing area for our kids after playing in the backyard and the ideal place to wash our giant dog.

Once the practical new layout was approved by the one who will do most of the work, (my husband), it was time to move onto more extensive design decisions. I had a photo of a doggie shower/ laundry room design by Dina Bandman, that served as the inspiration. I knew I would not copy it in its entirety, but I wanted to implement the blue subway tile, chrome fixtures, and blue wallpaper.

I remember holding up my inspiration photo to our actual space and couldn’t wait to put a sledgehammer to it.

As you can see from the photos, everything had to go.

Are you ready for the AFTER?

First, let me say that the driving force behind the renovation was the gorgeous wallpaper sent to me by Milton & King. The fun yet sophisticated floral pattern set the tone for the entire renovation. The paper itself was outstanding, and unlike other wallpapers, I have ever used. It didn’t tear, applied evenly onto the walls, didn’t crease or peel, and, most importantly, looked stunning once applied. Even my dad liked it (and he hates wallpaper.)

Alright, enough babbling. Here is the AFTER.

I was sold on the blue, black, and white color scheme. It was a classic mixture of colors that fit in well with the rest of the white and black home. And the first decision to go with the color scheme was with the Blue And White Wallpaper. The colors were perfect — Blue, white, black, and splashes of yellow. To complement the wallpaper, I went with Sherwin Williams Behind Blue Eyes paint on the wall, ceiling, and door.

Chrome Hardware

I incorporated charcoal cabinets, long blue subway tile, and textured gray/white floor tile. And to complete the room, I went with a KINGSTON & BRASS faucet, chrome hardware, a showstopper light fixture, picture light, and gorgeous floral wallpaper.

Picture Light

Is this room now my favorite room in the house? Yes and no. Yes, because it’s gorgeous, and I now want to do my laundry (or at least stare at it while eating some chocolate.) And no, because we have just recently completed the living room remodel, and I am DYING over how good it looks. Soooo If you enjoyed following along and the dramatic makeover, make sure to subscribe and follow on the gram for some more dramatic reveals coming up weekly!

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Thank you so much to the team behind The One Room Challenge for organizing and leading this event!

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