The kitchen, the kitchen, THE KITCHEN!

This space was our budget kitchen remodel and we changed everything about this space. From the subfloors to the windows, to the layout; everything has been reworked and replaced. First, let’s start with how it looked like:

There were three layers of linoleum, rotted subfloors, broken windows, a kitchen nook, and a tiny cabinet layout. We took out the kitchen nook and elongated the kitchen out instead. We replaced the flooring with the same type of hardwoods throughout the house.

The tile rug is one of my favorite parts of the kitchen with the year of the house embedded in the tile.

The backsplash was perfect with its splashes of cream and gray veining, and brass inlays, tying the whole kitchen together.

To keep the kitchen in line with the house, I decided to go with black and white color scheme, classic style cabinets, and brass hardware.

For sconces click HERE.
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So there you have it! While there are many things I wish we could have added in this kitchen, like moldings above the cabinets, we kept the practicality of the kitchen forefront in all of our design decisions. Instead of crown moldings, we opted for larger upper cabinets for more storage space.

Like in every renovation, there are hits and misses in every design. But the way a space makes you feel when you come into the room is the marker I would always gauge it’s success. And this kitchen makes me smile every time.

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