Cedar Home Project

The Cedar Home project is a big one. The sweet couple who bought the home fell in love with the bustling family-friendly area. After contacting us to renovate their home, we finally broke ground beginning of January with phase 1 of the renovation.

First, let’s begin with the before photos!

Our clients wanted the old gutted and thrown out, and the new French-inspired modern style IN. With some beautiful ideas, we got to work.

Phase 1 was the flooring. The old laminate, linoleum, and carpet was replaced with some seamless, beautiful Kronoswiss floors throughout the whole house.

In the entryway, we will be adding some French-inspired trim work, dusty blue paint, and Milton & King wallpaper.

The laundry room has been gutted and will be replaced with new cabinets, mosaic flooring, a chandelier, and open shelving.

Chandelier click HERE

Our inspo photo for the fireplace is borrowed from Beginning in the Middle.

Phase 3 is the BIG one. Complete with a taking down a wall, a gutted kitchen, permitting and a revamped dining room!

We project to finish Phase 2 in about two weeks and start phase 3, late February. Keep your eyes out for more renovations and dramatic before and afters!

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